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How do I detect a fraudulent website/email claiming to be HYCM?


Unfortunately, fraud is prevalent in the trading industry. At HYCM we take fraud prevention very seriously; we have some pointers on how to protect yourself online and ensure a secure trading experience with us:

Phishing scams

Fraudsters may try to obtain your personal information by impersonating a trusted company. Watch out for suspicious emails with domains that are similar to HYCM's official domains (hycm.com, hycm.co.uk, hycm.eu) but contain improper formatting or spelling mistakes.

Secure browsing

Always check that the websites you visit are https://secured. The HYCM pages you're visiting should be one of the following domains:




Disclosing data

Never give out your personal or financial account information or password via telephone, social media platforms or email. Be cautious of unsolicited contact; always cross-check this with our company details. Reputable companies will never request your personal account or payment information.

Viruses and malware

Do not download files or programs from unknown sources.

Payment requests

Never transfer money to a bank account at the request of a person who claims to be acting on behalf of HYCM. Our official payment details are available on our website and you should only do business via our official domains.

Known fraudulent websites:

  •       HYCM Option (www.hycmoption.com)
  •       H.Y. Markets
  •       hycm.coinmartfx.com
  •       www.worldmarkets.com
  •       cotextmarkets.com/forex
  •       www.hycmfx.com
  •       hycmcapitalmarkets.com
  •       xytz.tsieej.cn
  •       hycm.site/index.html
  •       https://heynepmarkets.com
  •       https://tradehub.fm
  •       https://hycmbot.com
  •       https://linktr.ee/HycmOfficial
  •       https://webtrader.union-trade.pro/login
  •       https://trade-union.pro/sign-up
  •       https://hycmarket.com
  •       https://www.henyepcapitalmarkets.com
  •       https://hycm33.com
  •       https://hycm48.com

  •       https://hycmarkets.net
  •       https://hycmk.com
  •       https://inactivetrading.com
  •       https://hycmmarkets.com
  •       https://www.henyepcapitalmarket.com
  •       https://hycmfxtrading.com
  •       https://pc.hycmmarkets.com

Known fraudulent Instagram accounts:

  •      RO.SOLEND (@_robert__jackson_)
  •      hycmbot (@hycmbot)
  •      Linda A Smith (@linda388782)
  •      https://www.instagram.com/hycm.eu

Known fraudulent Facebook accounts:

  •     https://www.facebook.com/hycmbot
  •     https://www.facebook.com/lindaa.smith.5454
  •     https://www.facebook.com/giles.coghlan.5015

Known fraudulent documents:

How to report suspicious activity

Help us fight online fraud by reporting any clone websites or suspicious activity to compliance@hycm.com. Contact us immediately if you suspect a third party may have access to your account information, or if you see any unauthorised transactions in your account.

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