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How to Install Trading Central

Trading Central

HYCM has partnered with Trading Central, the industry’s leading independent multi-asset technical research provider, offering you direct access to its financial analytics service via your MT4 platform.

This prestigious service is offered free of charge and gives you the opportunity to assess market movements and identify price targets and strategies directly on MT4 live charts for all HYCM products including currencies, commodities and metals, ensuring you never miss a trading opportunity.

Installation instructions

The Trading Central Indicators are easy to install and designed to help traders make informed decisions. The Indicators are customisable and enable you to see Trading Central’s levels and strategies directly on live charts, fill in orders and program trades based on Trading Central levels, while displaying the latest analysis on an intraday, short term or midterm basis.

Installation is simple. Just a few simple steps are required.

First, indicate the path to the MetaTrader folder you use. If you have several MetaTrader platforms installed, you should ensure you choose the platform corresponding to HYCM.*

Next, restart MetaTrader. Go to Navigator > Custom Indicators and look for TC.TechnicalAnalysis.

Drag and drop the Indicator to a chart and check the “Allow DLL Imports” option.

You can also enable the “Allow DLL Imports” option once for all indicators and Expert Advisors. To do this, go to Tools > Options > Expert Advisors. Check “Allow DLL Imports”.

Be sure not to check ”Confirm DLL Function Calls” if you don’t want to manually confirm every function from the libraries execution.

In the same window that appears when you drag and drop the Indicator to a chart, select the Inputs tab.

Here, you will be able to set any parameters you wish to personalise, including your chosen language. You will need to have the correct setting in your system for non-unicode programs (see the Regional and Language Options in the control panel).

When new versions of the Indicators are released, you will be notified via MetaTrader.

*Please note that the indicators are only compatible with HYCM MetaTrader 4 software.

Download Trading Central's Indicators here.

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